Agent Services

As a company founded on the principle of becoming and indispensable partner to our clients and members, it is our duty as RECOR Global to provide the very best in tools and support to our family of Agents to help them win new clients, stay competitive and exceed their clients’ exceptions.

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We understand the challenges that commercial agents are facing today. We provide the tools and solutions that make our agent members successful and keep them competitive.


Be a part of the RECOR Global Network

  • To collaborate and share data, resources, “boots on the ground” intel.
  • For multi-market and international support.

The RECOR Global Network is comprised of complementary organizations, professionals and firms in order maintain a competitive edge in the world of commercial real estate.

& Marketing Suite

  • Personalized Client Pitch Decks
  • Branded Marketing Templates
  • One-Stop Social Connectivity
  • Email Campaigns
  • Proposals, RFQ’s & RFP Services

& Renewals

  • All Disciplines – Retail, Office, Industrial Medical and Land
  • Lead Nurturing  – Pre-Vetted Leads
  • Proprietary Email Tracking and Reporting System
  • Area Specific Targeted Marketing

Analytics Software

Identify, research and implement leading-edge solutions to your clients by providing creative decision making tools that drive corporate real estate decisions with confidence.

Global Corporate
Services (GCS)

Scalable Client Services Programs

  • Lease Administration Services
  • Facilities and Property Management
  • Transaction Management
  • Client Sales Pitch Support

& Mapping Suite

The better you are in tune with your clients the better you can provide for their needs.

  • Understand your clients customer base
  • Target marketing to lower costs
  • Identifying new opportunities
  • Provide insight into the decision making process