Owner / Operator Services

With 50+ years of combined brokerage/office management experience, our team appreciates the difficulties and challenges entrepreneurs face in running a competitive brokerage firm, especially in today’s environment. We help make it easier to confront those challenges and provide the solutions for owner/operators to become more successful.

Business Valuations
Succession Planning
Mergers & Acquisitions
Member Offices


We understand the needs of today’s brokerage firms and their unwavering desire to succeed. We have the tools and services to get you where want to go.


Expand and grow your agents’ book of business by using the experience and track record of the RECOR team.

RECOR Global is designed by commercial real estate professionals for commercial real estate professionals , in fact we have over 200 years of combined CRE Services experience .

Service Lines

We  provide bundled or unbundled services that are customize to your client needs, they will assist you and your client through the real estate continuum, from Concept/Strategy to Move in /Completion.


RFQ, RFP, Proposals and Presentations, RECOR has extensive materials and resources that has won business in the client acquisition process.

Local & National
Branding Utilization

We are very comfortable in utilizing your company,  network brand and doing what it takes to win the business.

& Learning

RECOR Global has extensive and comprehensive educational resources and services available to our members firms and agents.

Increased Profitability
& Productivity

At the end of the day every client is looking for how your agents will help them increase their productivity and profitability, we have extensive experience in setting the KPI’s that align with the goals of the client and can support your agents’ in meeting and exceeding them.