RECOR™ Global provides a proprietary technology based platform to support, educate, develop and implement solutions for our corporate clients as well as our commercial real estate members.  We help our corporate clients become better prepared and more productive in today’s fast moving and ever-changing competitive environment.

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  • Commitment to service

Providing Best-In-Class Service

In both the workplace and the marketplace, we provide a quality, global experience with unsurpassed local services for each and every client.

  • Partner Relations

Being an Indispensable Partner

We will always strive to exceed our client’s expectations. Going above and beyond is the measure of our service and commitment to our clients.

  • Team Dedication

Adding Value To Our Network

We are proud of our Team and the tremendous dedication and unique skill sets they bring to our clients.  As a unified Team we provide an unparalleled professional representation of our members to their clients.

  • Innovation & Change

Create something “New”

Consistently implementing ideas and solutions that provide the most efficient means to effectively connect and provide new and helpful services for our clients, members and our members clients.