RECOR Network

The RECOR Networkis a premier global network of like-minded firms focused on the delivery of commercial real estate solutions and corporate services utilizing the RECOR platform for delivery of integrated services with and throughout its members, strategic partners, and the centralized team of RECOR Global.



The RECOR Network was designed by commercial real estate professionals for the commercial real estate industry. RECOR is proud of our industry-leading platform of local market knowledge, cutting-edge technology, best-in-class strategic partners, and leadership in providing the services and support that yield seamless integration and the consistent delivery of exceptional services to our clients, agents, and members worldwide.

RECOR Global provides ala carte services, both bundled and unbundled, that are customized to your needs whether you are a client or broker, we will assist you and your client through the real estate continuum, from Concept/Strategy to Move in /Completion.

Our membership fee is transparent and simple – $5000 per brokerage up to 20 agents (please contact us if you have more than 20 agents). That includes membership for all brokers listed within each location and complete access to our platform.

For Brokerage Owners

With our combined brokerage/office management experience, our team appreciates the difficulties and challenges entrepreneurs face in running a competitive brokerage firm, especially in today’s environment. We help make it easier to confront those challenges and provide the solutions for brokerages to become more successful.

  • Our platform allows for the broker/owner to have complete visibility to their properties, projects, and clients as well as additional administrative functions that allow you to operate your brokerage seamlessly.
  • Offices are listed in the RECOR Network directory and map for easy access to location information by prospects.
  • Enhanced office profile page, including property listings, agent listings, social media, and pertinent contact information.
  • Brokers are given full visibility and access to all leads passed to individual brokers/agents within your team.
  • For properties listed with our network, you receive an enhanced interactive demographic analysis of the area (up to 200 properties per year).
  • allows brokerages access to an auction platform that quickly moves assets allowing for an easy and quick resolution offering for your clients.
For your Brokers and Agents 

As a company founded on the principle of becoming an indispensable partner to our clients and members, it is our duty as RECOR Global to provide the very best in tools and support to our family of agents to help them win new clients, stay competitive, and exceed their clients’ exceptions.

  • As independent brokers and agents, we understand the importance of incoming leads and referrals. RECOR has developed an internetworking lead generation system from cradle to grave, allowing you to track both leads that are given and received.
  • Our team is here to help you with professional support including RFP’s, client presentations, lead generation, agent support, training and development, and more.
  • RECOR understands that your client base is a top-tier asset that we can help you manage and grow through client interactions and visibility to their properties on our platform.
  • Given the ability to establish global real estate through networking with RECOR’s established industry relationships.
  • Access to RECOR’s Global Clients Solutions (GCS) team for corporate real estate support (i.e. proposals, account management services, and training.)
  • Our platform generates marketing tools for presentation when listing your properties.

For our Business and Corporate Clients

We understand corporate real estate and the challenges that may be unique to your company’s requirements. We provide the solutions that can meet your demands at the same time as giving you visibility over your organization’s listings and projects with our platform. There is NO CHARGE for our business and corporate client memberships if they are actively working with a professional in our network (project, transaction, and other fees may apply).

  • We assist our clients in identifying their needs and securing favorable terms through experienced broker negotiations and leveraging multiple alternatives.
  • We can provide lease review and abstracting, lease audits, an occupancy cost analysis, CAM, taxes, and insurance review, and document storage and maintenance.
  • We can work across all project phases of our client’s projects, including design, budgeting, scheduling, supervision (team and sub-contractors), inspections and turn-over.
  • We offer a full array of options to fit our clients’ needs that range from ground-up to retrofitting and re-design.
  • We can assist our clients and their landlords in mitigating lease obligations through lease terminations, sub-tenant arrangements, lease assignments, and share agreements.
  • We can maximize our clients’ ROI through our integrated advanced global location analytics, economic incentive intelligence, and strategic corporate real estate services.