RECOR Network

The RECOR Networkis a premier global network of like-minded firms focused on commercial real estate and corporate services utilizing the RECOR platform for delivery of integrated solutions with and throughout its members, strategic partners, and the centralized team of RECOR Global.



The RECOR Network at its core is here to support the commercial real estate industry by connecting brokers, real estate investors/developers, small businesses, corporate clients and potential tenants.  We have built our platform and service offerings focused to reach one very important goal – YOUR success. While success may look different to each of the aforementioned, we work hard to ensure that we exceed everyone’s expectations.
Above all, RECOR prioritizes our owners, brokers, and agents’ success to generate a culture that is both profitable and efficient. Our platform gives our members access to tools and relationships that positively promote standing and success in the marketplace. RECOR is a brand agnostic commercial real estate solutions network targeted to deliver strategic, customizable, and value-driven results.
Contact us today to learn more or schedule a demo of our platform! We look forward to partnering with you!