COVID-19 is changing almost every single aspect of daily life. We are all trying to navigate the new normal of working from home. For some of us its adapting to how and when we interact with clients, finding a dedicated work space that was never intended for 8-5 work, or trying to find technology that will support this ever changing landscape. For others its simply learning to adjust to demanding new “coworkers.  Add to that a mix of emotions, stress, and constant thought on  COVID-19  and its current and future effect on our business, the economy, the future and most importantly, our personal situations – family, health, and finances. It is a lot to take in no matter which way you slice it.  We are all in this together. Here are a few tips we are sharing with our RECOR family to help manage and get through the work day.

1. It’s OK to mix work and life but have a list of to-dos

COVID has thrust whole families into close working and living quarters. These are big changes for everyone and having a go with the flow mentality may help. Typing an email and your dog needs to go outside? Finish whats on your desk at that moment and take a quick a quick break. Most importantly, have a daily to do list that will help you stay on task though the interruptions of daily life.

2. Make a schedule and communicate it

Your daily schedule can and should look similar to working in the office but make adjustments to fit this new normal. With both parents now likely working from home, “try” to plan important calls and meeting around your spouse’s. Communicate that with other members of your family as you can so that you can help minimize distractions.

3. Set up your work space and your devices

Making sure that you have a dedicated work area is vital to daily productivity. Try keeping personal bills and other non-work related to-dos off your work space so that you can stay focused on the task at hand. Having email, meeting, and office apps installed on several devices can help you go between tools rather than trying to switch screens. When possible, and if applicable, a second monitor is always good choice.

4. Take “walking” meetings

If you can get up from your desk  and take a call, do it.  Walk around the block or even just your house or maybe step outside and get some fresh air. Grab your Airpods or other bluetooth headphones and get moving.

5. Be intentional when you sign off for the day

Its going to be harder than ever to separate work and home life. Get through that list of daily to dos, make the important calls and send the emails you can. Sign off and step away. Take time to rest your mind and wind down so that you can be at your best when you wake up to do it all again tomorrow.

We will get through this and life will return to normal. Hoping this list helps you in some small way today