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Appraisal and Valuation Services

RECOR offers superior real estate valuations that maximize results for our brokers. RECOR provides proactive valuations based on market and site research that allows for educated decision making leading to quality results. Our nationwide brokerage relationships allow for real time information no matter the size or location of the property. Our valuation results are based on recommendations for pricings, buyout parameters, lease restructuring, and more that allow for quick and accurate decision making. Our appraisal and valuation services guarantee to lead you to high quality and unsurpassed results.

Virtual C.O.O Program

It is no secret that the #1 issue slowing brokerage growth is back office and operations infrastructure issues. However, not all companies can, or even desire to hire a full time executive to work with the CEO/managing Broker. Our team of vetted and experienced Real Estate Executives step in to help you execute strategies to align resources, people, and assets to get your missions and goals accomplished. We provide virtual and interim executive services to help fill the management gaps that occur when your brokerage is not at the stage where a full-time, permanent CEO is needed. We help free up the CEO/Managing Broker’s time and energies from daily operations while augmenting the missing gaps in the brokerage’s management team’s expertise.

Subject Matter Experts

Marketing Unseen Assets

Property owners are often unaware of the multitude of intrinsic values their asset may hold beyond the current numbers leading to undervaluing the property. RECOR Global has current insight of how the market works, trends it holds, its demand, and what it seeks. Our deep understanding of the market allows us to market those unseen assets for the highest and best price.

Access to Active Buyers

A valued resource in commercial real estate is the ability to access active buyers and tenants on the move. RECOR Global seeks out and maintains constant relationships with current market players as the market shifts. Our established business and engagement with the market has led us to maintaining a long list of direct contacts with a team of prepared, willing, and able decision makers.

Recruiting Support/Agent Development

Here at RECOR, we assist in recruiting through advanced agent value proposition, brokerage office manager incentives, agent incentives, and best-practice training and support. RECOR can help you grow your valuable business environment and set your business above others in the market.

Auction Platform gives brokerages the ability to have a platform that they can offer to their brokers/agents and all clients. This platform allows for the disposal of hard to and slow-moving assets, or perhaps the client just wants to relieve themselves of their property. We give you the solution to provide to the clients.  

Technology Refresh

RECOR Global is committed to providing the newest cutting-edge technology available in the commercial real estate industry today. We pride ourselves in having built the most comprehensive technology platform in the industry. By utilizing this technology, we able to offer an abundance of services to our clients, agents, brokers, and member firms including property valuation, brokerage networking, lease administration, and much more.

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