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Tenant Representation

Growing brands face challenges including closed off markets, limited supply of new space, and constantly changing trade areas. Staying one step ahead of shifts in the market and understanding your demands are vital to quick decision-making opportunities. RECOR’s experience and relationships have allowed us to represent both users and buyers through our tenant representation services. Our services will leave you feeling confident in your chosen space and satisfied with the reward.

Tenant Representation Services:

  • Analysis of unique demands

  • Evaluation of lease opportunities

  • Request for sophisticated proposal process for qualified projects

  • Coordinate property tours

  • Oversee lease negotiations

  • Evaluate space planning process and determine the true leasing costs of each opportunity

Global Client Solutions

Leveraging the power of RECOR’s commercial network of experienced professionals, our Global Client Solutions (GCS) team partners with brokers to provide their clients with the best-in-class integrated corporate real estate support services and give them the auxiliary real estate services needed to compete for larger accounts.

A high-level and strategic approach enables GCS to help your clients resolve complex real estate issues. GCS examines your clients’ real estate goals and challenges and align them with their corporate goals and vision. With this knowledge, GCS discovers hidden opportunities and makes recommendations that drive value to clients’ companies through their real estate. GCS’s level of engagement is completely up to the broker and can be modified at anytime.

Your clients benefit from:

  • Best-in-class, Fully Integrated Commercial Real Estate Services
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Formal Account Management Methodology
  • Consistent Management Style
  • Consultative Approach

Capital Markets

RECOR Global’s extensive experience with investment strategies allows us to help with both acquisitions and dispositions. Our vast relationships with real estate professionals, market analytics, and research gives us the tools to help improve your investment portfolio. Utilize our professional team of advisors to benefit your time and money.  

Capital Market Services:  

  • Investment Sales

  • Feasibility Study

  • Risk Management

  • Accurate Valuations

  • Value Added Portfolio

  • Investment Strategy

  • Market Conditions Evaluation

Property Management

RECOR Global understands the owner mentality due to years of owning property and assisting property owners.  We will never lose sight of the bottom line and always place extreme value on delivering personalized solutions that save money for your client’s unique ownership needs. RECOR’s property management team can help you support your client’s needs no matter how big or small their portfolio is. Our real-time web reporting allows you and your client to stay up to date with projects, deadlines, and follow-ups.

Facilities Management

RECOR Global delivers our facilities management services through our partnership with Jorgensen FM. By utilizing their services, it frees organization resources allowing the focus to be on vital business tasks, aligns external partners with your needs, and guarantees an effective cost outcome.  Utilize our comprehensive approach to provisions and management of the workplace environment to assist in your client’s business!

Jorgensen FM is the nationwide leader in facilities management and can help with the following:

  • A comprehensive suite of maintenance management and real estate services that are customizable to your needs.

  • Fiscally responsive and responsible account managers, team members, and an optional ready- to-go vendor network so you can get what you want done faster and easier.

  • Proprietary software building management software to save you money on your maintenance needs.

  • Our thought partnerships is designed to align your facilities management needs to your business goals.

Distressed Asset and REO Services

We understand that dealing with an underperforming asset can be an overwhelming and daunting task for brokers on many levels. Lenders that have been saddled with an unwanted property can be difficult to work with or perhaps you have a client that has been strained with an underperforming asset and you do not know where to start. Let us be your team of experienced real estate professionals to help.  

RECOR can help you to:  

  • Assess the situation and develop a strategy that supports the unique property situation 

  • Move quickly to increase your opportunity for success – very important!  

  • Process every step as it relates to financial and property management and all the affected areas to allow you and your client to maximize your recovery 

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