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Assistance RFPs

At RECOR Global, one of our services is providing assistance for Request for Proposals. RFPs lay out certain features of a deal that are vital to a tenant during the beginning stages of lease negotiations. RFPs can be compared to letters of intent because if the terms of the RFP are not agreed upon by all parties, there is no reason to move forward towards a more in-depth lease document.

General Purpose of RFPs: 

  • Provide the user with a sense of where the market stands in order for them to make the most educated decision for their use

  • Provide the user’s position and call attention to aspects of the deal that are important for moving forward

  • Provide the landlord’s position and any concessions and terms that might be agreed upon

  • Provide a base document where all lease and sale negotiations will occur

Support for Client Presentations

RECOR is here to help you make the pitch to a new client or to deepen your relationship with an existing client. We have everything from the marketing materials you may need plus the man power to create if needed. If the services being requested are a little out of your wheelhouse and you need support with the in person presentation by expanding your team to offer more – we can make that happen too! We have the experience to get you the YES!

Lead Generation

RECOR Global has a structured lead generation program that utilizes technology and leverages our network to help our members become more effective in the acquisition and disposition of real estate worldwide. The RECOR network platform ensures all leads are tracked from the start to the completed transaction whether they originate from our members, our website, or our external lead sources. Using this technology allows our network members to feel confident that the leads they have sent are actioned immediately.

Agent Support

RECOR’s agent support professionals are extensively qualified and benefit you by using proven marketing strategies that showcase the assets of your properties. This allows you to focus on upcoming opportunities, solutions, and more and not spending time in front of the computer doing mundane tasks – our support agents can help you with adding your properties to your subscribed platforms, helping with descriptions, marketing flyers, demographics, social media, and every where in between. Reach out to us today to see how we can help lighten your load!

Training and Development

RECOR uses our services to take agents and advance them to become creators, experts, and achieved entrepreneurs in the market and their area of specialty. We utilize different approaches of learning that include real time, online, self-paced, and larger learning aspects. We assist agents by using their roles and specialization to target the most beneficial programs. We are vigilant towards how the market and industry objectives are shifting and develop skills and behaviors based on these changes.   


As an Agent or even a broker you may have been doing all the “right” things. Those things may be to launch a new career in real estate, switch or add specialties, attempting to grow a team, or simply just keep the saw sharpened.  No matter what you are trying to accomplish, it can be challenging at any point in your career. Finding a real estate mentor and cultivating a successful relationship could help you out tremendously by enhancing your ability to launch a long, successful real estate career.

Enter RECOR’s Mentoring with Purpose program…. We know the first step to mentorship is probably the toughest. You may know plenty of admirable, successful real estate professionals who could be prospective mentors. But how do you find the right mentor for you? And further, how do you get that person to want to help you? After a thoughtful Q & A, we help match you with a mentor and help you to start building a solid relationship that will help steer your career in the direction of your goals! Here are some of the benefits of our mentor program:

  • Networking – Having a mentor can help you build your book of business by establishing new contacts, both clients and industry peers.

  • Coaching – Your mentor becomes your coach and confidant who not only provides advice but feedback and criticism when needed. They become your biggest supporter and help you identify your strengths and work with you to capitalize on them, they identify your weaknesses as well as help you overcome them,  Most of all they become someone you can trust.

  • Professional Development – Your mentor can help guide you through the ever-changing commercial real estate world. Helping you to articulate your vision for where you want to take your career and become a pillar in helping you get there.

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