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Platform for Content Delivery and Sharing


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CRM Solution

A customer relationship management system gives a clear overview of customers and saves your company immense amounts of money. CRM systems allow for all information to be kept in one place including status of orders, outstanding balances, customer issues, and more. This system offers immense opportunities including optimizing campaigns, giving clear visibility of leads including inquires to sales, and management of supply chains. The CRM system allows RECOR to generate positive and collaborative relationships with customers through management across all channels. CRM helps save you money by giving you more time to focus on other duties and assists in organization to minimize costly mistakes. Take advantage of the CRM system for both your customers and your business!


  • Online Marketing Solutions

  • Valuation Programs

  • Listing-to-closing platform that tracks deals occurring at the company level

  • An agent-centric culture that allows production improvement

  • Administrative Support

  • New agent training and agent development

  • Collaboration between all levels that leads to success for agents, owners, and clients

Web Based Reporting

RECOR Global’s web-based reporting provides a centralized data system allowing your property management and leasing staff to access up-to-date and reliable property information. Our services simplify the management of your office, retail, and industrial properties by automating lease information for each individual property. Our web-based reporting makes properties more accessible than ever by allowing you to view property information across multiple devices.

Technical Operations


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Demographic Mapping

Identifying the right investments in a property such as choosing the correct location and being sure the return on an investment is incomparable are each vital. RECOR Global offers demographic mapping tools and powerful location integration that presents effective data visualizations assisting you in making an educated decision. This a quick process that allows you to utilize your remaining time in other areas of the commercial real estate business.

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