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Transaction Management

Managing your leased and owned real estate portfolio across asset types and different locations is challenging and ever-changing and RECOR is here to assist. As your business needs change and markets fluctuate, you need continuously updated strategies that support your business goals, reduce occupancy costs, and give you maximum flexibility.

Our strategic real estate transaction management services leverage our extensive market, transaction, and project management expertise to deliver strategic solutions as your business needs and goals evolve.

RECOR can ensure that each step of the leasing process runs smoothly. A sample of our transaction services are listed below.

  • Site Selection

  • Lease Negotiations

  • Market Analytics and Demographics

  • Economic Incentives

  • Vendor Relations Integration

  • Build to Suit

  • Sale Leasebacks and Sublease Transactions

Disposition Services

Excess retail space creates challenges for retailers leading to wasted cash and generation of a tedious disposal process. RECOR Global offers services that make sure the disposal of excess space happens quickly and at the best prices through sales, buyouts, terminations, and more. Whether you have excess space due to a merge or made a strategic shift, RECOR’s disposition services can be of use to you.

Lease Administration

Occupancy costs are ranked in the top three largest expense items for businesses today. It is important for any business to have professionals managing the lease portfolio to avoid unwanted charges. RECOR Global offers lease abstracting services that provide a summary of lease details, manage lease deadlines, track critical dates, reconcile rental charges within the lease terms, and more. We work with you to take a proactive approach to critical lease events and terms and resolve issues such as missed opportunities, inaccurate transactions, and compliance risks. RECOR helps you make confident decisions by offering comprehensive and conclusive management of all your lease information.

Lease Administration Services:

  • Inventory of your property portfolio to help identify cost savings, avoid mistakes, and comply with regulations

  • Real-time information about each lease and their critical dates

  • A strategic overview of your portfolio including lease details, terms, conditions, and important financial impacts

  • Assured compliance with all guidelines and rules in a timely and effective manner

  • A strong network of dedicated team members

  • Database management

  • Lease abstraction

Blending/Extending Leases

By extending your base lease term and agreeing to a lower rate for the extended rental time, you are utilizing the blend and extend method. This method is an effective way to reduce rent projection and lower the property’s occupancy cost. Often when you execute a future option you will receive a reduced rate. RECOR Global can assist you in this win-win process by helping you make the decision to extend your lease early to reap the rent reduction benefits.

Build-to-Suit Services

RECOR Global offers developmental services that help those looking to take on expansion save time and reduce risks. When taking on a development project it is vital to use a proven and successful process. Utilizing tools that save time and lower cost will assist in lowering market volatility risk. The development program at RECOR Global offers leverage because of our relationships with landlords of clients preferred centers and the owners of clients preferred developmental locations. This generates connections and opportunities from the very beginning of development projects. These relationships allow connections and resources to form even when the market is at its tightest. Our build-to-suit development program is catered to the specific goal of each broker and can be used for a vast amount of project types.


  • Site Planning

  • Schematic Design

  • Review and Management of Design

  • Construction and Project Management

  • Cost Estimations

  • Scheduling

  • Accounting and Reporting

Auction Services

Our team at RECOR Global has extensive commercial real estate experience and qualifications to make sure your properties reach the highest price point in the least amount of time. RECOR’s team members reputation, expertise in leveraging and advertising media, and ability to design structured and accelerated sales guarantees you the highest return on all your properties! It is important to us that our brokers feel they are part of our team and understand we focus on every aspect of the property to reveal its maximum value.

Auction Services:

  • Sealed Bid Sales

  • Live Auction Sales

  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Sales

  • National Commercial Portfolios

  • Time Sensitive Situations

  • Hard to Value Assets

  • Advance marketing expenses for trustees and receivers

  • Create liquidity against the commercial real estate to allow an orderly auction process

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