Special Project Support

RECOR Global’s special project support can be utilized for any of our listed asset services. Whether you need help on a select number of properties or your whole portfolio. We can provide our services on a one-off basis if you need an extra hand or if you’re looking for a long-term partner, RECOR is here for you.

Vendor Management

RECOR Global carefully selects and oversees vendors that deliver quality work while also meeting budgetary needs. RECOR conducts a comprehensive qualification process when selecting vendors that guarantees top tier performance for each clients project. Vendors play a crucial role in a building’s maintenance plan, from building redevelopment to tenant improvement projects. RECOR finds vendors that are tailored to your unique needs and who have proven successful in similar projects. RECOR continuously maintains direct communication with tenants and immediately investigates any concerns or questions vendors or tenants may have while constantly ensuring vendors are meeting, and exceeding, our clients expectations.

Portfolio Management

RECOR uses its expertise and experience to guide corporate owners and tenants towards plans that alleviate portfolio risk and enhance both occupancy rates and financial progress. Our team shows clients how to utilize unrecognized equity in underused and excess properties. RECOR uses assessments to identify strategies that aim to minimize portfolio and operating costs. Our resources are also used to locate more optimal locations through finding chances to be released from existing locations.  

Property Management

RECOR Global understands the owner mentality due to years of owning property and assisting property owners. RECOR will never lose sight of the bottom line and places extreme value on delivering personalized solutions that save money for our client’s unique ownership needs.    

Project Management

RECOR Global’s project management services give our clients on-time and within budget project management solutions through our abundance of staffing models, supply chain enhancement, and experience by project and asset type. All of these services are catered towards the specific project needs for both users and investors in commercial real estate!   

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