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Every day your property sits vacant, or underutilized, it costs your company money. RECOR has structured best-in-class solutions for marketing your available properties, mitigating your obligations, and helping reduce the time it takes to find a tenant/buyer and complete a deal. Subleasing isn’t about finding the first tenant to come along. They must be financially viable and be sound enough to ensure business longevity. We vet each tenant before presenting it to you. Our online listing platform, our network of brokers across the US is the fastest, most effective, and most comprehensive solution on the market today.

Distressed Asset and REO Services

We understand that dealing with an underperforming asset can be an overwhelming and daunting task for brokers/agents on many levels. Lenders that have been saddled with an unwanted property can be difficult to work with or perhaps you have a client that has been strained with an underperforming asset and you do not know where to start. Let us be your team of experienced real estate professionals to help. 

RECOR can help you to:

  • Assess the situation and develop a strategy that supports the unique property situation  

  • Move quickly to increase your opportunity for success – very important!  

  • Manage to process every step of the way as it relates to financial and property management and all the affected areas to allow you and your client to maximize your recovery 

Auction Services

Our team at RECOR Global has extensive commercial real estate experience and qualifications to make sure your properties reach the highest price point in the least amount of time. RECOR’s team members reputation, expertise in leveraging and advertising media, and ability to design structured and accelerated sales guarantees you the highest return on all your properties! It is important to us that our clients feel they are part of our team and understand we focus on every aspect of the property to reveal its maximum value.

RECOR Global’s Auction Expertise:

  • Sealed Bid Sales

  • Live Auction Sales

  • Bankruptcy and Restructuring Sales

  • National Commercial and Residential Portfolios

  • Time Sensitive Situations

  • Estate and Partnership Dissolutions

  • Hard to Value Assets

Lease Liability Assignment

Assigning a current lease may sound like an easy endeavor, but it can be tricky but one that can reap a great outcome for your company’s bottom line. There are many factors that go into finding the right tenant to satisfy your obligation. Backfilling large spaces or those with unique characteristics can be a challenge as well as looking for a tenant that meets or exceeds your company’s credit. With over 360 lease assignments to date, RECOR has the team to meet this unique need.

Lease Restructuring

If you are a looking to transition or minimize your occupancy costs, RECOR Global’s lease restructuring services are proven to provide the best outcome for our clientsRECOR utilizes a focused approach to assist clients looking to reposition elements of their lease including rent reduction, terminations, and more. RECOR identifies opportunities throughout your lease, generates a plan and approach for desired changes, assists in the presentation and negotiation process to the landlord, and assures desired execution and results are presented to our clients 

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