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Franchise Program Development

Franchise real estate requires unique and targeted services within the commercial real estate industry. RECOR Global provides quality analysis of Franchisee locations that in turn drives revenue and profit for the Franchisor and the Franchisee. RECOR Global provides location criteria, startup costs, economic models, functionality, cost estimates, permit requirements, and space planning throughout franchisee developments to ensure a perfectly executed franchisee assignment.

Strategic Planning

During strategy development RECOR analyzes how to best apply our strategies to meet the goals of your business through site search, lease negotiation, and review of the landlord leases. Through collaboration and time sensitive procedures, RECOR will identify the top-quality location, maximize your profit, and certify an adaptable and secure lease. RECOR ensures that financial saving opportunities will be sought out while locating highest quality location that reduce start up and rent costs. We guarantee you will receive accuracy and tentative decision making throughout the strategic planning process.

Site Search & Selection

RECOR takes the time to understand your customer base and what makes you successful. Coupled with market analytics, we use this understanding throughout the site selection process, and together with local “boots on the ground” brokers work to identify ideal locations. Once the best sites are determined, we create a strategic plan, submit LOIs and work to negotiate the best deal we can on your behalf.

Portfolio Services

Whether you have two locations or two hundred, we recognize and service franchisors and franchisees just like our corporate clients. With a driven team dedicated to your brand, we work exhaustively to make sure we know what you need and where you need it. Portfolio services include:

  • Tenant Representation
  • Dispositions
  • Distressed Assets, REO, and Auctions
  • Portfolio Rollouts
  • Property Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Administration help

Vendor Management

RECOR Global understands there are many moving parts to running a franchise, whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee you may wear many hats. One aspect RECOR can help with is vendor management. RECOR carefully selects and oversees vendors that deliver quality work while also meeting budgetary needs. RECOR conducts a comprehensive qualification process when selecting vendors that guarantees top tier performance for each clients project. Vendors play a crucial role in a building’s maintenance plan, from building redevelopment to tenant improvement projects. RECOR finds vendors that are tailored to your unique needs and who have proven successful in similar projects. RECOR continuously maintains direct communication with tenants and immediately investigates any concerns or questions vendors or tenants may have while constantly ensuring vendors are meeting, and exceeding, our clients expectations.

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