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Tenant Representation

Many retailers today face extreme challenges involving hard to penetrate markets, sudden shifts in the market, and reduced space available. Knowing spaces that are going to be available before they are on market and understanding what your demands are for a space enable vital quick decisions. Having relationships with many landlords is important, and RECOR can offer this. We help clients identify, negotiate, and acquire new properties from leasing to purchasing. RECOR has extensive experience representing retailers across all categories, whether you need a big box or small box, we can help! Our relationships with the market allow us to scope out available spaces before they are listed.  

Global Client Solutions

Leveraging the power of RECOR’s experience and commercial network of experienced professionals, the Global Client Solutions (GCS) team provides our clients with best-in-class integrated real estate services globally.  

Working as a global partner, we engage in long-term partnerships with clients. Our high-level, strategic approach enables us to help clients resolve complex real estate problems. We examine our clients’ real estate goals and challenges and align them with their corporate goals and vision. With this knowledge, we discover hidden opportunities and make recommendations that drive value to clients’ companies through their real estate.  

Clients benefit from:  

  • Best-in-class, Fully Integrated Commercial Real Estate Services 
  • Single Point of Contact 
  • Formal Account Management Methodology 
  • Consistent Management Style 
  • Consultative Approach 

Using a consultative instead of the traditional transactional approach, we manage our clients’ accounts as if we are running our own business. We are at our best when we can really get absorbed in our clients’ business, strategically align their real estate holdings with overall business strategies and proactively manage portfolios for greater results. Similar to financial advisors; we look at how each individual transaction impacts the entire portfolio; how it will improve value, reduce expenses while improving productivity, and how overall real estate holdings compare to the competition.  

Capital Markets

RECOR Global’s extensive experience in investment strategies allows us to help with both acquisitions and dispositions. Our vast relationships with real estate professionals, market analytics, and research gives us the tools to help improve your investment portfolio. Utilize our professional team of advisors to benefit your time and money.  

Capital Market Services:

  • Investment Sales 

  • Feasibility Study 

  • Risk Management 

  • Accurate Valuations 

  • Value Added Portfolio  

  • Investment Strategy

  • Market Conditions Evaluation 

Blending or Extending Leases

By extending your base lease term and agreeing to a lower rate for the extended rental time, you are utilizing the blend and extend method. This method is an effective way to reduce rent projection and lower the property’s occupancy cost. Often, when you execute a future option, you will receive a reduced rate. RECOR Global can assist you in this win-win process by helping you make the decision to extend your lease early to reap the rent reduction benefits.    

Strategic Consulting

RECOR Global takes a new stance on consulting by generating ideas towards our clients market, portfolio, and desired outcomes. RECOR conducts market research in an effective manner to provide you with the detailed information of the current and ever changing market. Our goal is to assist clients in staying ahead of the market, benefit their bottom line, and reach their commercial real estate goals.

Multi-Market Assignments

No matter if your organization is expanding or downsizing your real estate portfolio, RECOR is here to help! We take the time to learn your business, assess your organization’s strategic goals and craft long-term solutions, taking into consideration key industry metrics such as market share, customer metrics, traffic patterns, and any other metrics that are pivotal to your success. With our global network reaching from every major city to small town USA, we have local boots on the ground expertise to ensure a successful outcome. Our web-based reporting gives your organization 24/7 access to status updates on projects, properties and pertinent documents.  Our client’s success is our top priority. 

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