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Market Analytics

RECOR Global’s market analytic services generate usable and accessible financial models that are driven towards meeting our client’s market and property outcomes. RECOR compares property prices and sales, occupancy rates, lease terms, renewal propositions, demographic trends, and more. We use this data to paint of picture of future sales and growth, competitive threats, market cannibalization, and portfolio optimization.
From the most basic report to the whole portfolio reporting, we are here to help you make every decision along the way.


RECOR’s platform gives property owners and investors the professional tools, marketing, and advertising support to effectively prepare and market their properties for sale. We have decades of experience in all facets of the property sales and leasing, from smaller main street properties all the way up to whole shopping centers. We found there to be a gap in the industry between those owners that didn’t feel they needed a full-service broker to help guide them through a sale and those that were a little intimidated to try to sell on their own. We hope to fill that gap by providing professional tools and materials to help you present your properties for sale in the best possible light!

Distressed Assets and REO Services

We understand that dealing with an underperforming asset can be an overwhelming daunting task for brokers on many levels. Lenders that have been saddled with an unwanted property can be difficult to work with or perhaps you have a client that has been strained with an underperforming asset and you do not know where to start. Let us be your team of experienced real estate professionals to help. 

RECOR can help you to:  

  • Assess the situation and develop a strategy that supports the unique property situation  

  • Move quickly to increase your opportunity for success – very important!  

  • Manage to process every step of the way as it relates to financial and property management and all the affected areas to allow you and your client to maximize your recovery 

Property Marketing

RECOR Global implements strategic and worldly marketing techniques to attract top tier tenants and buyers. Our comprehensive approach capitalizes on the defining features of your properties to create a uniquely engaging brand marketing strategy that attracts offers.

  • Marketing material production

  • Interactive demographic reporting

  • Feature email blasts to selected users

  • Social media marketing

  • Industry network relationships

  • and much more!

Lease Administration

Remaining on top of leases can pose difficulties to many property owners due to the length and time it takes to review all aspects of the lease. RECOR Global has extensive experience and knowledge in lease administration for our clients whether they have one or multiple locations. Any and all lease information needs to be properly maintained, understood, and organized and RECOR’s services provide these aspects.

Lease Administration Services:  

  • Organization for all leases

  • Management of critical dates

  • Meeting property condition requirements

  • Reduced risk for extra charges

  • Collecting information from landlords

  • Understanding and analysis of all clauses

Facilities Management

RECOR Global delivers our facilities management services through a partnership. By utilizing our services, it frees organization resources allowing focus to be on vital business tasks, aligns external partners with your needs, and guarantees an effective cost outcome. We assist in purchasing, vendor management, training and development, technical operations, and energy management. Utilize our comprehensive approach to provisions and management of the workplace environment to assist in your business! 

Property Management

RECOR Global understands the owner mentality due to years of owning property and assisting property owners. Because of this, RECOR will never lose sight of the bottom line. We place extreme value on delivering personalized solutions that save money for our client’s unique ownership needs.    

  • Income/Expense Analysis

  • Tenant Retention

  • Budgeting

  • Long Range Planning

  • Risk Management

  • Project Revitalization

  • Lease Analysis

  • Service Contracts

  • Taxes

  • Construction Management

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