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RECOR Global has both the expertise and capital resources to acquire properties of nearly every demand. Our experience in real estate acquisitions for office, retail, and industrial properties allow us to offer a multitude of acquisition services to a wide variety of clients. With our services you can execute all your demands using one resource saving time and cost, leading to a high profit outcome.  

Our Services can Assist:

  • Companies undergoing restructuring, in turnaround, or in/out of bankruptcy 

  • Companies looking to increase cashflow or monetize assets 

  • Private and institutional investors  

  • Traditional and asset-based mortgage lenders 

  • Traditional investors looking for capital or contemplating a property sale 

Demographic Mapping

Identifying the right investments in a property such as choosing the correct location and being sure the return on an investment is incomparable are both vital. RECOR Global offers demographic mapping tools and powerful location integration that presents effective data visualizations assisting you in making an educated decision. This is a quick process that allows you to utilize your remaining time in other areas of the commercial real estate business.     

Site Selection

Site Selection is a vital part of success for real estate expansion and RECOR Global works with you to analyze market trends to make site selection optimal. RECOR stays on top of the market trends based on what you are looking for and uses our experience to establish a plan that will allow maximization for each client’s goal 


RECOR Global offers developmental services that help our clients who are looking to take on expansion save time and reduce risks. When taking on a development project it is vital to use a proven and successful process. Utilizing tools that save time and lower cost will assist in lowering market volatility risk.   

The development program at RECOR Global gives our clients leverage because of our relationships with landlords of clients preferred centers and the owners of clients preferred developmental locations. This generates connections and opportunities from the very beginning of development projects. These relationships allow connections and resources to form even when the market is at its tightest. Our build-to-suit development program is catered to the specific goal of each client and can be used for a vast amount of project types.   


  • Site Planning

  • Schematic Design

  • Review and Management of Design

  • Construction and Project Management

  • Cost Estimations

  • Scheduling

  • Accounting and Reporting


RECOR Global offers an inclusive platform of services that assist in maximizing the value of obsolete industrial sites and office facilities. RECOR Global has the knowledge and exceeding capabilities to effectively remediate, recycle, and redevelop assets pertaining to a complex. RECOR’s experience in redevelopment projects has helped us build many relationships in the industry and allows us to cater to each redevelopment projects unique needs. Here at RECOR we provide capital to ensure the completion of all project phases, follow regulatory standards, and assist in monetizing assets such as receivables and inventory.

Relocation Services

RECOR Global has strategic services to help identify and analyze the risks and rewards of a relocation decision. Our goal is to help address both the intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to this option, as well as help you interpret this information for you to make an informed decision about relocation.  

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