3 Ways to Turn Your Twitter Account into a Business Generating Machine

They say social media doesn’t convert, but they are mostly referring to sales and are missing out on the bigger picture – which is that there are other forms of conversion. You can use social media to gather all sorts of business leads and these leads if captured correctly and accurately can lead to sales.

Look at Twitter as a vessel that leads you to the bridge where customers are standing at looking for a business to become friends with. Remember that “friends” are the new currency and social media is where they hang out, so go where they go.

Take a look at these three ways to turn your Twitter account into a raving mad, hopping sideways business generating machine.

1. Show Off Your Skill or Knowledge

If you run a service business, this is the perfect avenue to show your intended or ideal client what you can do for them and how awesome a company you are. You see this time and again on Twitter. an example: The local plumber who tweets about the hot new tool he bought that makes cleaning out the rodded kitchen drain super fast, super easy and super thorough. Or the realtor who recently was named top 100 saleswoman in her neighborhood. How about the photographer who tweeted that he can snap your new puppy at the dog park that was voted “best doggie park” in the city.

Tweet interesting stuff but in order to do this, you sort of have to lead an interesting life. Right? So get out of the office and do stuff that your client base is out there doing and then tweet about it.

2. Show Your Personality

If you only tweet about business stuff or business information you won’t stand out and you certainly won’t make a splash. In other words, people will be bored and go elsewhere. Nowadays, you have to keep it sharp and keep your peeps engaged by (almost) any means necessary. Videos, weird pics, humor, family photos, questions, contests and so on.

Keep it spicy and your followers will come back for more, again and again. For good examples and ideas, follow any celeb as they really know how to keep it hot and sexy by sharing the business side – their new movie, cool book, hit song, etc., but they also let you know what (and who) they love, hate, think, drink, eat, wear, etc.

3. Follow Up and Follow Through

When you start acquiring followers and those followers get active on your page, don’t forget to reply and or comment on their pages as well. It’s a two-way street and the more driving going on from both sides, the better. If someone asks you a question, be sure to respond in a timely fashion and if you happen to notice that someone posted a need for something, nothing wrong with steering them in the right direction with a good referral.

This is important and many overlook it because it takes time and business owners are pressed for time. But if you go above and beyond in social media you’re leads will increase, and so will your business.


Social media is not the mysterious beast some make it out to be. It’s a platform like any other and if handled properly can yield many rewards for both client and customer. Find your business foothold and hang on for dear life.